At C3 Kids, we believe that the entire service should carry a fun and powerful message about our incredible God. In multiple aspects and through a variety of learning styles, our programming gives kids time to discover and develop a relationship with God. 

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Bubs - 1 year old - 2 year old

In our bus we focus on interactive play and actively read bible stories to help facilitate a general understanding of God


Pre-school - 3 year old - 5 year old

In Preschool, kids experience the Presence of God in worship, learn about him through the memory verse and interactive media, and cement their understanding of the concept through a hands-on craft. 


Primary - Kindy (5 year old) - Year 6 (12 year old)

In Primary, through the King’s Speech, the memory verse, time spent in worship, the media, the message, the altar call, and connect groups, kids get the chance to not only learn about God, but also to connect with him in their own way. 

During the service, the programming has a particular focus on engaging kids, but its impact carries on well after the service is finished. Our posters and stickers for each program are designed to help parents engage with their kids about what they have discovered during the service, because we know that empowering families leads to an active and healthy church community.